Terms and Conditions

Lockers will be issued to students before school begins. Student lockers are school property and may be subject to search at any time. Students must use the assigned locker. It is not permissible to use any other locker or lock. Students are responsible for maintaining a clean locker at all times. No graffiti or damage is to be done to the locker.  Locker must be clean at the end of the year.  If locker is not clean or damaged, there could be a fee charged or the student will have to clean the locker.   

Should students have difficulties with the locker, they should go to the office for assistance. Although the school provides you with a hall locker, the school is not liable for the loss of any items from them.

Students should not bring valuables to school or keep them in lockers. Cellphones, jewelry, handheld games, expensive clothing and money are frequent targets of theft.

• Do not share your combination with others.

• Promptly report thefts to the office.

• Always make sure that your locker is securely closed and locked when you leave it.

• Vandalism of lockers will result in serious consequences.