Before You Begin

  1. Go to locker administration website at: (there is a link under Quick Links on Cariboo Hill Website)


  1. Login using your student number as the user ID and your birth date as the password, in “YYYYMMDD” format.


  1. On the right side of the page, “My Profile” please input the additional information (Email & Phone Number are required).  Do not change your first or last name. 


  1. Please change your password and record your new password. 


  1. Click “New Rental” to select a locker, a new page will load “Step 1 – Find a locker”.


  1. In the drop-down menu of “zone”, select a zone of the school in which you would like to have a locker. Then click “search”.


  1. When a zone is selected, the available lockers will be listed. 


  1. Once you have selected a locker click “next”.  This will take you to the next page “Step 2 – Rental Term and Payment”.


  1. Under the drop-down menu of “Rental Term”, please select “2023-2024”.


  1. Under “Terms and Conditions” please check the box where it asks you to I agree to the above Terms and Conditions (scroll to the bottom to enable this checkbox)”. Then click “Pay Now” to confirm the rental. No payment is required (lockers are free), and clicking “Pay Now” confirms your rental.


  1. Return to “HOME” page to obtain your lock combination and locker number. Click “Combination” to retrieve your lock combo.  Please allow “pop-ups” for this page.


  1. You cannot change your locker through the online application.


  1. Throughout this locker assignment process, or throughout the year, see the office staff or Mr. Tsang, Vice-Principal, in the main office.